Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How Water Will Affect The Community

All of the project managers were asked to evaluate what they thought the communities need is and how their group will address it. Each project manager has a different project but all involve the issues of the water industry. They were also asked if this issue will affect their lives. Like always, they were asked how they are getting their students engaged in this issue being addressed. It’s always great seeing the different ways the project manager's get their students involved and how they feel they can best contribute to the high school student’s success!

The issue that my Lead to Succeed project addresses is the water issues of Milwaukee. This is stemming from the issue of jobs not being filled in the water industry, simply because people are not educated on this matter. I feel that the issue has potential to affect my life because water is an essential part of life. This community need for clean water will also affect my team member's future if this issue is not addressed.

As a project manager, in order to make my students engaged and interested in this issue we try to not only apply the concepts directly to their lives, but also make sure that during this process it is fun and exciting. Some examples of how they are currently interested are; they dedication to the meetings, even outside of the required meetings. They are having a lot of fun with the interviews they partake in and the entire process of going to the locations, ect. I hope to keep the students on this path of excitement towards reaching the final project! “ -- Rachel – PLI

The community need that my Lead to Succeed project will be addressing is water conservation. We are addressing this by painting custom rain barrels that we will be selling to the public. I think the community need for water conservation will indeed affect me in my life, because the more water we can conserve now the better everyone else and myself will be in the future! The high school students in my team may not think that their community’s need for fresh water will affect them now, but it will definitely affect them in the future when there may not be a lot of water to use like there is now.

I will get my team engaged and interested in conserving water and making custom rain barrels by explaining how it will affect them, using social media to promote it, and by showing them how to use their creative and artistic skills to draw and paint their own designs on the rain barrels! They are already engaged and focused because they get to pick and use their own designs for the rain barrels, a lot of students are very artistic, but they did not know that because they never get the chance to show it!” – Lacy - NeuLife

Michael believes water also plays a crucial role in his team’s life!

My team, along with the two other teams at my site, is all working with water. I think water plays a crucial role in the spring of life. Its effects are not always on the surface and growing up the issue of water preservation was not ingrained in my head by my parents or teachers. I wish I had a program in my formative years like Lead to Succeed.

I certainly feel that water will affect my group’s life. We must always take care of our natural resources. Water might take up 75% of the world but drinkable water is in high demand and politicians battle every day for their constituent’s share. It might not take a direct toll on them now, but if we over consume we will put ourselves in danger.

I don’t believe it’s hard to engage the fertile minds of my team, since they all seem to have a thirst for the issue. Regardless, I am trying to integrate fun into what most people- not my team members- may find to be a dry subject.

I found that going out in the field and experiencing a real-life interview with a certified organization really engaged them intellectually. I encouraged them to believe that they were capable in pulling off a professional- level interview. I told them they would be surprised at how well they could equip themselves in that kind of setting and they all responded to that challenge. “ -- Michael -- PLI

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