Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Global Youth Service Day Mentors' Thoughts

“I had a meeting with Kae DonLevy from Gathering Waters, and as a result gained more knowledge on the water industry, especially water conservation and how to improve our water quality.  She gave an in depth description of how we, as a community, can work together to fight the issues that we face with water. The information that I received was helpful information that I was able to pass on to the class that I mentor in.”
 –Tricia Pfeil (Mentor with St. Joan Antida)

“The Lead to Succeed study guide is really helpful, we have an initiative to develop a project for Global Youth Service Day that focuses on the water industry and services our clients, Milwaukee Department of City Development and 16th Street Community Health Center. The high school students are extremely bright and capable and we just need to allow them to use that and steer them towards completion of the project.”
 –Steve McAllister (Mentor with SUPAR and St. Joan Antida)

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