Monday, October 27, 2014

Lead to Succeed Kickoff Conference

This weekend is our official 2014 LTS kick off Conference that will be held on November 1st 2014 at the University of Milwaukee in Lubar School of Business.  Festivities start at 12:30 and goes until 4:30, we invite you to come and enjoy a day full of interesting people and activities, below is the schedule and we encourage you all to come and enjoy the conference.

2014 LTS Kick Off Conference
November 1, 2014 from 12:30-4:30
UW-Milwaukee Lubar School of Business

            12:30 Registration & Lunch
12:40 Strengths Mural Activity
12:50 Conference Called to Order
12:55 Showcase Strength Mural Tiles

1:00 UWM Welcome on behalf of CCBLLR – Samantha Bickert
1:05 Lead to Succeed Alumna – Elizabeth O’Hara

            30 Minute Rotations:
            Citizenship Workshop
            World CafĂ© Session  
            Leadership & Team Building Workshop

3:00 Tweet & Snack Break

            30 Minute Rotations:
                        Industry Scavenger Hunt  
                        Personal Branding – Accenture

            The Big Picture - Karin Smith, President of CCC Board of Directors


Friday, October 24, 2014

Students and College Project Managers are Excited to Get Things Going.

Our college project managers and students have finally meant and finished their first sessions together.  They are all very excited to get the ball rolling and start on their projects for the semester.  Here are a few blog posts from our CPM's about their experience while meeting their students for the first time, and a little of what they have learned.

The first session with our project team went great! everyone worked together, was respectful and put in effort towards group activities and communication! I was surprised to see even a medium amount of enthusiasm just because I know how hard it is to be a high school student and usually wanting to focus on friends and fun rather than putting in the extra hour of learning and group work.  So far I don't see any weaknesses, but I see many strengths including the use of good communication, respect, and participation.
-Leah Gazinski

I was pleasantly surprised with how much the students wanted to work on this project. They were all focusing and participating. They were very excited about the opportunity for a job. I believe that one of their strengths is that most of them are determined to focus and do well on their project. I believe that their weakness is the few students who do not feel the need to participate. They do not pay attention and even attempt to distract the other students,
-Brianna Seybold

I have found that the water industry, especially in Milwaukee, is currently booming. There are new job opportunities in research and innovation. Due to the enormous fresh water Lake Michigan provides us, we have the opportunity to potentially increase economic and resource production/preservation. The more jobs we can create and the more innovation we can inspire, the more we can improve current living situations for those around us and preserve this precious and valuable resource.
- Jacob Herzfeld

This past week at our third meeting there were quite a few more kids! Some did have to leave for Drivers Ed about half way through but while they were there, they were excited about being in the program and the opportunities Lead to Succeed has to offer. We played a game where we had to write things that we needed water for and had to place the sticky notes that we had written on, on one of the three boards. They said, “used to make things, used for fun, and used for health.” The kids as well as the college project managers came up with a lot of good ideas for each board.

The one with the least was “used to make things.” The next game we played that introduced water was a guessing game. Justin showed us a picture of an object and we had to guess individually how much water it took to make that object. There were a lot of surprised looks when we found out the correct answers! It was fun because it got us interacting with the kids and made us feel more comfortable with each other. I look forward to next week when we start an art project with the kids and start diving into our ideas for our final project at the end of the year!
- Karen Linhart

This weeks meeting was full of surprises! I was able to start our meeting off with an icebreaker to get the students interacting in teams. With the attendance turn out for this week I was able to have two large teams compete in a “throw a marshmallow into your teammate’s mouth contest!” This was AWESOME! The kids loved it and we were able to discuss strategies and reflect on how each team communicated together.

After the icebreaker, the fun continued! The students then interacted with each other in smaller groups to play the price is right: Water Edition! The students and I were all surprised to see how important water is in our daily lives. You could see the shock on their faces when they found out that you need water to make just about everything around them; cars, books, and even the plastic chairs they were sitting on!  Many students were even making their own examples on how they use water everyday in unfamiliar ways to the class that went outside the box of just using it to shower and brush their teeth in the morning. The students are eager to see what will come in the next few weeks and to learn more about the impacts on water around them.

- Melissa Palmen