Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Start to the 2013 Fall Semester

Kick off of the Fall 2013 Semester is on its way and the College Project Managers are very excited to get the ball rolling after meeting the students for the first time this semester.   Here are a few words from the Project managers, see for yourself how excited the Project Managers and students are:

"My first session was great. It was filled with a lot of information but I was able to learn a lot about Lead to Succeed and what we will be working on throughout the semester. Even though we had a small group the first week, in the second week I saw a lot more students come and join us, and hopefully more will come next week! What surprised me the most was that I would be a college mentor which means that I will be a main leader along with the program facilitator. That surprised me because I feel like I know just as much about water resources as the high school students do and so I wasn’t sure what to expect as to how I could help with giving information. As Petra explained, it is as much as a learning process for us as it is for them and we are there to encourage our team to think of great ideas and to help develop their project goals."
-          Taylor Ansay (YMCA)

"My first sessions with lead to succeed were eye opening to me. Going in I did not know what to expect.  I thought it was going to be a mandatory thing for the students from their schools. I was wrong. The group is filled with kids who seem passionate about the organization and about their futures.  So this was surprising to me.  My team's strengths are their dedication to the organization.  I admire that they are willing and responsible enough to come to session each week by bus and participate.  They are a really good group of kids with dedication and passion for the organization.  As of now I see no weaknesses among them." 
-          Zoe Bacik (YMCA)

"My first session was very interesting, because I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I am going to school to be an Elementary school teacher so working with High School students is something very new to me. It was the first time being at Bayview High School so it was exciting when I walked through the doors. When the students finally made it to the room, I greeted 9 boys who were interested in Lead to Succeed.
This is the first time doing the Lead to Succeed program at Bayview High School so the first few sessions were all about getting the information out to the students, recruiting other students and getting all of the paper work situation.
Something that surprised me last week was how motivated the students were to get involved and get a job. They were very excited about the job portion of this program, especially since some of them have never had a job before. This was exciting to me because I feel as though the more energized the students are about this program, the more serious they are going to take it so that they can get a career and be successful!"
-          Amanda Olejniczak (Bayview High School)

Like all of our College Project Managers, Lead to Succeed is also very excited to see what the students come up with and to see their success throughout the semester.  

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