Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Project Manager Updates!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The Project Managers were asked what information they have found so far and how their team thinks in will impact them in every day life. It is interesting and exciting to see the different ideas and ways the Project Managers communicate with their team to get information flowing!

“My team and I have found that the water industry in Wisconsin is a huge part of our economy, especially in Milwaukee where some of the largest corporations are involved in the water industry. Also there are a lot of people from the outside directly focused on how Milwaukee will continue to impact and improve fresh water conservation and use. I think my group will use these large corporations and the influential people as motivation to stay focused for a driving force for their success.” – Tahir, Youth Water Website: COA

“The students have recently learned the importance of the water industry in Wisconsin, and will be designing a project that centers on this theme. The group I am working with is excited about the possibility of making videos and taking pictures for the website that we are working on. We hope these videos will inspire other students to learn more about the water industry and its importance in everyday life, and perhaps to pursue education or employment in the field. “ – Julia, Youth Water Website: COA

“This week my team and I continued researching water. I really wanted them to think about how water affects their lives directly. They began brainstorming different ways they use water. They came up with brushing their teeth, cooking, watering flowers, and as well in manufacturing products. The most challenging part of working with the my team is getting students to really focus but still have fun. A little healthy competition to see who could come up with the most information on water did just the trick! My challenge for them was to go home and think of the most interesting attention grabbing way of presenting all of the great information they gathered.” – Holly, Youth Water Website: Good For Neulife

“My team has really seemed to be working toward their previous set goals. So far my team and I have discovered how much water truly plays a role here in Milwaukee and Wisconsin as a whole. In doing so, the students have much greater appreciation of water’s importance here in our local and statewide communities. Knowing what a big deal the water industry is, allows the students to think more deeply about the effects it has on each and every one of us. With all the information that they have found already I don’t see many barriers to our success, because all the students seem voluntarily willing to find more information to gain knowledge not only for other youth in Milwaukee but for themselves as well!” – Chad, Youth Water Website: Bradley Tech 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Meet Up!

November 27th, 2012

Last night was the first meet up Lead to Succeed held for the fall term. The high school students, as well as Project Managers were all welcome to Open MiKE for a fun filled night with music, dancing, guest speakers and pizza! 150 students were invited to last night’s festivities and between 45 and 50 students showed up to pack the Open MiKE dance floor!  

To start the night off, the styles of DJ Romke opened up with music and a dance contest. John Murphy won the dance contest and was given ten extra raffle tickets! DJ Romke is the President of Spreenkler; a web, design and marketing agency right here in Milwaukee. He came to inspire the youth of Milwaukee with his story of how he made it. Not only did DJ Romke come in to get the students excited about believing in themselves and working hard, Monti came as well. Monti shared his story about Project Return and hopefully inspired the students to continue their hard work and dedication.

There was plenty of pizza to go around last night as well! After the guest speakers shared their stories, the students got together in their groups and shared their mission statements they came up with for their groups projects with their Project Managers. Lastly, the raffle drawing took place and the students talked about their first paid work experience.

Over all last night was an amazing turn out for Lead to Succeeds first fall  meet up! We all hope that this will continue to keep the students and Project Managers excited and focused on their futures! 

Check back soon for pictures from last nights festivities! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall 2012 Kick Off Conference at UWM!

November 3rd, 2012

One of our Project Managers at Lead to Succeed gave us some insight on how to annual Lead to Succeed Kick Off Conference went!

“This past Saturday I attended the Lead to Succeed Kick Off Conference at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. There were groups of kids from many different high schools. The kick off conference was a great experience. Lead to Succeed brought in some great speakers to speak to the kids. The speakers covered all different types of work that can be done with the water industry in Milwaukee. I thought that not only the speakers themselves but the conference was super effective to bring professional insight to the high school students. All of the students seemed very interested to learn about the different careers that there are involving water. I had a great time interacting with the students as well! Many of them seemed to be very involved in Lead to Succeed as well. It is cool seeing the youth excited about their future and taking steps that will make them successful. “ – Stuart, Youth Water Website: PLI

After all of the students went around learning from the activities they were involved in and speakers that joined, they were asked to combine all the information onto sticky notes. On these sticky notes the students put the information they found most useful to contribute towards their project with the youth water website. Here are some pictures of some of the students showing what they thought was most important!