Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Meet Up!

November 27th, 2012

Last night was the first meet up Lead to Succeed held for the fall term. The high school students, as well as Project Managers were all welcome to Open MiKE for a fun filled night with music, dancing, guest speakers and pizza! 150 students were invited to last night’s festivities and between 45 and 50 students showed up to pack the Open MiKE dance floor!  

To start the night off, the styles of DJ Romke opened up with music and a dance contest. John Murphy won the dance contest and was given ten extra raffle tickets! DJ Romke is the President of Spreenkler; a web, design and marketing agency right here in Milwaukee. He came to inspire the youth of Milwaukee with his story of how he made it. Not only did DJ Romke come in to get the students excited about believing in themselves and working hard, Monti came as well. Monti shared his story about Project Return and hopefully inspired the students to continue their hard work and dedication.

There was plenty of pizza to go around last night as well! After the guest speakers shared their stories, the students got together in their groups and shared their mission statements they came up with for their groups projects with their Project Managers. Lastly, the raffle drawing took place and the students talked about their first paid work experience.

Over all last night was an amazing turn out for Lead to Succeeds first fall  meet up! We all hope that this will continue to keep the students and Project Managers excited and focused on their futures! 

Check back soon for pictures from last nights festivities! 

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