Friday, October 12, 2012

A Closer Look at the Teams!

More of the Project Managers have commented on how the first meeting with their team went and what their expectations are coming into this. 

“When I signed up to be a Project Manager for Lead to Succeed I didn't know what to expect. I met the high school students last week that were going to be a part of my team and they all seemed very happy to have us there. I think it will be fun to work with them and I look forward to finding out what they would like to do for their projects.” – Samantha, Youth Water Website:  PLI

“After two weeks of working with my team, it seems very clear to me that my team is avid learners and is motivated to not just succeed, but to do so on level that is above par. This, coupled with the excitement of what is to come in these upcoming weeks, has me eager to find out what my team is truly capable of! Even though my team is still in the opening phases of our project, their ability to observe and speculate as to what a successful website requires is spectacular to say the least! Individuals within the group are constantly and consistently showcasing helpful thoughts. Needless to say, I have no doubt my team will surpass our set goals!” – Lincoln, Youth Water Website: Bradley Tech

“The first couple sessions have gone pretty well. The first day we did ice breakers and paper work for the high school students to be officially signed up for the program. The second week really focused on exploring both the teen water site and the water boards website. They have many ideas that are unique and can really get their fellow classmates involved in the water industry. My team seems quite comfortable with sharing their ideas, and they aren't afraid to have an opinion. I can tell already this experience is going to be a very fulfilling semester with my team and I’m excited to get started” – Nicole, Youth Water Website: YMCA

“Today was my first day with Lead to Succeed. I feel excited to be serving on a team of committed individuals who are dedicated to youth development and environmental education. I feel that we have a strong team of students as well as a strong group of college mentors who as a team will bring the projects where they need to be. I do see that we need to make sure that our focus reminds specific to goals and the goals must come from the students. I also think that all the teams working on this project must stay in strong communication to maintain cohesion. Overall, this projects success will come down to its organization and student engagement!” – Will, Youth Water Website: COA

“The first session with my team seemed to go well. We seemed to get our feet wet a little bit in terms of ideas for the site. My team seemed to have some great ideas to contribute. So far I don’t see any weakness in my group but hopefully they’ll get more enthusiastic as we progress in the project.” – Daniel, Youth Water Website: YMCA 

All of the teams this fall are coming up with new ways to engage the youth on fresh water in Milwaukee through the website preview teams have created. To find out what exactly they are doing to improve this website click on this link Many of the teams want to add games and visual interactions to help their fellow class mates and future students understand how important fresh water really is and the jobs that surround the Milwaukee area. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall 2012 Updates!

October 10th 2012

The fall 2012 term has brought along even more Project Managers to assist with Lead to Succeed in helping the youth of our community. The Project Managers this fall will be working with students to help expand the youth friendly website made to help youth understand why fresh water and water jobs are especially important in Milwaukee.

So far the Project Managers have met with their high school students and were asked what they thought were their team’s strengths and weaknesses. All of the Project Managers are eager to put their knowledge to use.  Here is a little insight on how they feel about the beginnings of their project and teams!

"I loved my first session with my project team. It took a little while for my team to warm up to Samantha and I. They are a very energetic team and really opened up once Samantha and I started to tell the team more about ourselves. The team seems very excited to start working on the project and getting to know more about what their future in the water industry looks like. They seem to be very eager in working hard and having a good time while working. I cannot wait to work with them again." -- Olyvia, Youth Water Website: PLI

“In my first meeting with my team I was surprisingly fun! All of the girls on my team had something to say, and made it easy for me to introduce myself. I was surprised to see that I’m working with a huge group of girls. All of my team members seem smart and willing to participate in conversation. This will hopefully lead to full discussions of the topics we are asked to talk about. The only weakness that I see so far is that there is a lot at task and at times it made it hard to know what the main concept of the meeting was for.” – Kendall, Youth Water Website: SJs

“Right now we are collecting information on what kind of projects to do and how to do it creatively. We looked at websites over the past two weeks and saw what other students have done for a project. The website needs work and we are excited to find ways for how the information being displayed can be more interactive and exciting for the youth. I can’t wait for the ideas to start flowing from all the students in the upcoming weeks!” – TaVonna, Youth Water Website: Bradley Tech