Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Youth Volunteerism Campaign 4/13/2011

College Mentors lead a team of high school students in learning the importance
of youth volunteerism then developing creative and innovative ways to spread
 the word to their peers

The past 2 weeks with the Youth Volunteerism Campaign have been very fun and productive. The students started to finalize the power point presentation and include pictures from various experiences throughout the semester. They then filmed their video doing various volunteer activities to be accompanied with the power point presentation. One student even wrote a song about volunteering that may be included in the video. The students had a lot of fun filming the video and were very energetic. We then discussed the upcoming weeks and started to discuss student’s roles in the presentation.

-Luke Chambers

While it has been sometime since we last talked, the project is in full throttle to be finished. With not much time to go, the group of teens, along with the mentors and supervisors have finished the power point and are now just putting finishing touches on it. Besides the power point, the Boys and Girls Club have also been given the chance to put together some great action shots to create/promote the volunteer work they have been a part of. Even though it may have been a little dry to make/create the power point, the volunteers showed their true personalities when it came to being filmed. Many of the boys and girls were laughing, joking, and definitely enjoying themselves as we walked around making our video for volunteering.
After seeing those students passion and acting skills, there is only one thing to say, watch out Denzel Washington, there is a new group of actors and actresses storming Milwaukee! Things to look forward to as we wrap up this semester and the project, presenting our power point to the Boys and Girls Club, editing the video, and celebrating the hard work these kids have did.
-Lucas White

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