Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Global Youth Service Day Projects 4/13/2011

College Mentors lead a team of high school students in planning
water related service projects that will become part of Global
Youth Service Day (April 2011)

This week the girls at St. Joan Antida have finalized their plan for Global Youth Service Day. They will be presenting their project to their fellow freshmen class. They are working on a poster board that will include why they are making environmentally friendly hand soap and how. They will be setting up stations so that the freshmen can learn how to make it. The girls are very excited to share what they have learned and they have been working very hard. The first time we tried to make the soap we weren't so successful but we are continuing to work hard to get it right before Global Youth Service day!
-April Heath
With less than a week to go before Global Youth Service Day, our project is finally looking like a finished product. This past week we were able to receive our products needed to create our organic samples. With the time constraints and the extra ingredients needed to make the bars of soap, we ended up scratching that product from our “kit” so now we are left with shampoo and conditioner. While the products turned out quite well there are only a couple minor details left before we hand out our samples to the volunteers who are cleaning up the KK River on Saturday. The note card is completed with what is in our products, as well as the information about how these organic samples affect the environment and allow our water industry to be cleaner, fresher, and less polluted. The only thing left to look forward to is organizing our samples, handing out our samples, promoting our products, and then finally celebrate for all the hard work the ladies have done throughout the semester.

-Lucas White

On April 5th the SUPAR group met after a long three week spring break, which meant we only have one class period after that until their outdoor classroom assembly and presentation for Global Youth Service Day on April 15th.  As we quickly approach Global Youth Service Day at SUPAR, the students are making their final decisions on each group’s responsibilities in order to be prepared for April 15th. The mural group has constructed a beautiful piece to hang on the designated fence at 16th Street Community Health Center, and the plaque/podium group ordered a plaque to be mounted next to the hanging mural. It was quite a long process finding a mural design that fit both the student’s personality as well as 16th Street Community Health Center’s expectations. The students met both of these requirements though, designing an impressive piece. The benches group also has had success receiving confirmation on the tree stump delivery from Buckley Tree Service, and we are all very grateful of them for donating these tree stumps to the students.
All the students have left to worry about is creating the mural, receiving all the materials (such as bulbs to plant and the planter pots), and assigning individual tasks for the students to stay on task and finish the project at a reasonable time. With only so little time to go, things can sometimes become overwhelming. However, I really have faith in the students to follow through and create a really great outdoor project.

-Abby Breitenfeldt

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