Friday, March 18, 2011

Youth Volunteerism Campaign- 3/18/2011

College Mentors lead a team of high school students in learning the importance
of youth volunteerism then developing creative and innovative ways to spread
 the word to their peers

This week with the Youth Volunteerism Campaign was very productive. We sat down with a smaller group of students and started working on the PowerPoint presentation to accompany the campaign. The previously high energy students were able to cycle this energy into making this PowerPoint, and it was very successful. We laid out the basic structure of the presentation and started to fill it with content. Through some basic research, the students learned more about volunteering. Some of these things included basic statistics about volunteering and its benefits, what it takes to be a volunteer, how they can help, and many other positive things. Through the building of the PowerPoint, they also built upon their knowledge of structuring a presentation, which they will be giving to peers and community members. We then discussed how to build off this PowerPoint and information in coming weeks with the creation of supplemental media.

-Luke Chambers

Now that we are in the midst of the crafting of the project, we have come up with some good ideas to get the presentation out to the community. The whole project work will consist of a PowerPoint, three fold fliers and a video/DVD that can all be distributed efficiently.

Last meeting, Luke and a couple of students put together a PowerPoint to be the main theme of the whole presentation.  I was absent from this meeting as the session had to be earlier but from what I heard the students were very productive.  Some other project ideas were to make a three-fold flier that could be distributed among schools and to the public. This flier would be based off the PowerPoint and would basically be a summary with more color and pizazz to get the students’ peers attention. Finally, we want them to put together a video that would again, be based off of the PowerPoint.  The slides of the PowerPoint would be considered chapters or lessons on the DVD.  The video and flier will be great ways for the students to put their personality into the project and make it more interesting to their peers.
-Chelsee Bates
While it has been another two weeks since I have talked to you last, the Boys and Girls Club students are making drastic advances on their project for Lead to Succeed. In our last gathering together, we accomplished the settings for each group of the project. By putting our brains together, we were able to divide the project into a group that would work on the PowerPoint, a group that would help with the video, and the final group which would be dealing with pictures and promotional materials. With that being said, one of my fellow mentors and the students were able to get the PowerPoint outline complete and give us a great base to continue our everlasting improvement of the presentation. Things to look forward to in the future will be our homemade video about volunteering and the visual aids that will be taken to promote these students work with volunteering.
-Lucas White

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