Friday, March 18, 2011

Custom Rain Barrel Business Project-3/18/2011

College Mentors lead a team of high school students in developing a custom design rain barrel business in which residents, businesses and community organizations can order their own attractively decorated rain barrel(s).
Today was one of the first days that the design team could put their sketches to “life”. By life, meaning that we scanned all logos onto the computer and saved them into a Lead to Succeed folder. After doing so the students got to use the paint option which is offered from the computer and colored in their logos. These logos are going to be put into our Customized Rain Barrel “Look Book”. This is where clients will be able to see numerous logos to pick from. We are planning on designing at least 15 rain barrels for the look book. The business plan team will help with the pricing and the marketing team will use the logo and barrel examples for their marketing ideas.  Next week half of the group will be focusing on new rain barrel ideas and the other half will be in the process of writing professional e-mails to possible donators. We are looking for a few “starter” barrels to experiment with paint and reality of our designs. This way we can have a real life example in our look book and will be able to estimate how much paint will be used. The team came up with the idea of auctioning these starter barrels off, for money to buy more barrels.
-Kelly Crowley
As the lead to succeed students continue to work on their projects, I would like to make sure you are well informed of what they are accomplishing. This week we worked on designing and making a catalog for our rain barrels. So far, the students have come up with the following:

The students were very interested and busy this session because we actually were able to use computers to surf the internet for ideas to draw and put on the rain barrels. We decided that each student would produce two designs for next week to put into the catalog. We, as mentors, really did not instruct this session, but instead we guided them on what ideas were good to draw for the catalog. Some ideas were themes of sports and going green. I cannot wait to see some of these drawings because I know they are going to be outstanding.

-Codee Sigler
Hi all! The students are still working extremely hard on their rain barrel project. The students are trying to get their "look Book" together to show potential customers what could be on their custom made rain barrels. Our students are also learning how to be professional in front of potential clients, what to say to them, what not to say and what is appropriate conversation and what is not. The students are learning quickly how to manage their time and to really start to get some work done when they come to our sessions. Our business plans are starting to develop quickly and are looking great. In no time these rain barrels are going to be ready to go!
-Sarah Hanson

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