Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Project Manager Updates!

 Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The projects are off to a great start! Here's what some of our awesome project managers had to say:

"There are so many topics that were covered in the first few meeting with Lead To Succeed that it is hard to imagine the project without great leaders. After extensive discussion, the project was split into three groups and each grouping was given a project manager. The initial meeting with the students was fantastic. They are really excited to get started and see results."   - Chris R., Skateboard Park Project

"In two weeks of going to St. Joan Antida I already can tell that my role as a Lead to Succeed Project Manager will be significant for me as well as for the girls. Not only will I learn a lot from the girls, I know that they have already learned a lot from me! I can tell that they feel very comfortable around me and aren’t afraid to add their opinion about our Water Website project. This was because of the several ice breakers that we did to feel comfortable around each other and get to know each other better. I noticed that the ice breakers not only helped me to get to know the girls I will be working with, the activities brought up questions that some of the girls didn’t know about each other as well." - Elizabeth M., St. Joan Antida Youth Water Website Project

"There are many career opportunities in the water industry in Milwaukee, and the Water Institute along with Lead to Succeed are trying to promote these to students who will soon be heading into the workforce. As a project manager, I will have the chance to be in regular contact with these students to facilitate the curriculum and keep them interested." - Nic M., St. Joan Antida Youth Water Website Project

"As someone who grew up in a culturally diverse neighborhood, I see it as very important and inspiring that the students are making an effort to unite their classmates and disregard the racial borders that society has put up. I believe project managers are needed to guide the kids to help them achieve their goals. With this position as a project manager, I intend to organize what needs to be done and assign students specific roles that cover each task. I also hope to give them the confidence to work in projects like this in the future." - John K., Diversity Mural

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