Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Making Progress!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our project managers come from a variety of UWM classes, all through the Institute for Service Learning. Working with a diverse group of students from many different majors, the unique Lead to Succeed projects are starting to take shape!

"My team's project is to go out into the community and volunteer, as well as get other high school kids involved and excited about volunteering. As project manager, I am keeping the students engaged and interested in volunteering in their community by making sure they realize how their actions as a volunteer affect other people. If they feel like they are making a difference and feel good about what they are doing, it will give them a reason to volunteer in their free time, or recommend it to others. I will also have them reflect on their trips on video. We will collect reflections and clips from their volunteer work to create a video to help the students inspire others to volunteer." - Amy M., Milwaukee Excel Youth Volunteerism Project

"The first two meetings working with the Youth Water Website at Waukesha 4H were great. Although we had a small group of students, they all seem to be quite interested in building and creating a website based on conserving and sustaining water. It surprised me because not only was I expecting a much larger group of students, but also I was expecting them to be mainstreamed in the local school systems, however they were not. In fact, most of our high school students are homeschooled which I found to be very unique. I think because we have a more unique group of students, we may be able to give the website a different perspective!" - Sarah K., Waukesha 4H Youth Water Website Project

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