Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Global Youth Service Day With St. Joan Antida

Last Thursday I got to meet with my group of girls from St. Joan Antida High School.  It was a rush of emotions; it was overwhelming yet exciting.  For Global Youth Service Day, my group of seven students decided to make a rain garden to be installed in front of their school.  They had a great power point demonstrating the importance of water conservation as well as making the school look beautiful. With my group, I can see what the upcoming challenges are: organization, motivation, delegation, and implantation.  I gave each student a to-do list and will meet with them tomorrow for follow up on those tasks. Details like budget, type of plants to use and where to purchase them, when to plant, and most important, where to plant, are all items we need to consider.

In addition to meeting with the girls, I met with Karin Gratz, Director of Lead to Succeed.  She had many great ideas for getting started on the rain garden and will also be helpful in getting both the money to finance the project as well assisting in getting supplies donated.  I look forward to meeting Bill Malone, from the Department of City Development, as well to assist in this endeavor.

-Mary Jane Kunath

To begin our session, the entire group of students went to the library where they were separated into their groups they did research with last semester. Once they were divided into their research groups, I was in charge of mentoring a group of six girls where we discussed many key issues of water and how certain things, such as pollution, affect the water industry.
After continuing to answer many questions in their project guide, the group of girls then proposed their idea of what they would like to present on Global Youth Service Day.  My group is very interested in hair products and the effects of chemicals or other harmful solutions that are rinsed down the drain while people shower. In fact, through their research, the girls were able to find a shampoo product that harms the water less than all other shampoo products-making it easier to recycle the water with less effort and steps. While they weren’t exactly sure how they wanted to present this experiment, the shampoo product was their main interest and would be able to define their presentation, with the continuation of research.
-Lucas White

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