Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Financial Literacy Project with SUPAR

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yesterday, February 9th, we had the first Financial Literacy meeting with the SUPAR students after our long winter break.  While the mentors were off from school, the students were still having sessions but learning other things like how to fill out a resume' and hearing a few guest speakers.  Now that we are in the project phase, Rachel (mentor), Petra (facilitator) and I really need to get the students focused in on what they want to present, how they want to present it and who they want to present it to.  During the meeting we made great progress in the students’ plan to target their presentation to peers and in the way they believe will be most effective.  The students decided that using the internet as a networking tool will be a great way to reach out to many people with one popular source.  I am confident in our small group’s ability to put their greatest efforts into an excellent final project.  
-Chelsee Bates

I am currently working as a college mentor on a financial literacy project at SUPAR High School in Milwaukee. Last semester's focus with the teens was research-based, focusing on what is most important for youth to know as they enter adulthood. It has been a spectacular experience with the kids. They are all very intelligent and good-natured, which has created a wonderful experience for me.

If I had been asked a few months ago what I thought about working with teenagers, I would have suppressed a strong sense of disdain, but I have come full circle as I have realized that I thoroughly enjoy what I am doing and hope to create a career based around teens. While there are still some bumps in the road, this program, thus far, has truly been a breath of fresh air.-Rachel Schwarz

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