Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thoughts on Lead to Succeed

One of our college project managers had some kind words to say about her experience with Lead to Succeed.  Take a look for yourselves.

“My experience was rewarding in more ways than one and I couldn’t have asked for a better organization leader! My leader was Molly and she actually made the experience better because she had a great personality and was willing to get to know the students and she was very patient with the students. Not to mention she made learning a lot more fun because she found a bunch of videos and other fun activities to go along with it, this also made it more interesting.
We didn’t really get that far into the actual project because Bay View High School is still new to the organization so a lot of the students are not aware of what it really is. With that being that, there weren’t really a lot of students involved, and every week would be a different group of students. So it was a little frustrating trying to get the whole project in order and to get and keep everyone on the same page. That was the most challenging part of the whole program actually, which was just getting everyone to come to the meetings, pay attention and do what needed to be done.
Overall, I think that this program teaches everyone something whether it is about our community, the water, or us; you are learning something very important. I learned WAY more than I thought I did about water and even about my community and how lucky I truly have it. I am just really thankful for this opportunity and am happy that I got to work with so many cool people who have really big hearts and love what they are doing. When your leader enjoys what they are doing, it shows and makes you even more excited about it. This also encourages the high school students to become more excited and to be more involved. “

-Amanda Olejnizak (Bayview)

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