Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Final Recaps From Fall 2012

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
With the Fall 2012 Projects Managers finishing up, Spring 2013 Project Managers will be coming in and filling in the previous managers shoes. Here are some last thoughts and reflections from the Fall Project Managers. We can’t wait to have our Spring Project Managers come in and finish these projects with all the students!

On our final days, my team and I worked on our goals we set for the future. My students needed some help with motivation but once I got some ideas flowing they slowly started to get going. I feel respected but it is hard for me to motivate them at times. When I told my students that I was going to come back after the holiday break and continue to volunteer, they seemed excited. I think they liked the fact that I was not just going to ditch them once I fulfilled my requirements. I am looking forward to next semester to continue the projects with them.

           -- Stuart, Youth Water Website: PLI

While being the project manager, I have begun to feel comfortable in my own skin in regards to talking in front of larger groups. I have learned how wonderful of an experience this was to contribute to the girls I worked with and to see what wonderful things are offered to educate the community. I was very challenged coming into this because I don’t usually like large group situations but this did help me out a great deal. Thus far, my team is not finished with our project, but we are continuing through winter break. When we finish this project, the community will have knowledge about Lake Michigan, aquaponics, and hydroponics. 

          -- Kendal, Youth Water Website: SJs

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