Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 Project Managers!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We are proud to announce that we have 16 new Project Managers working with Lead to Succeed this Spring semester! Want to hear a little bit about their expectations for the upcoming months? Read on!

"As college Project Manager, we are needed because we help to be that "in-between" for the high school students. We are not teachers but we are there to help the students problem solve and stay on track. I know from working with Lead To Succeed in the past that college mentors can help bring some new ideas to a project and have helped open students' eyes to a new way of looking at things. We will be learning with the students and hopefully will help make these project successful- which I am confident we can do. What I, as a project manager, can bring to this position is my previous experience with Lead to Succeed and some of the connections I have made that may come in handy with some of the projects." - Elizabeth, Youth Water Website: PLI & Waukesha 4H

"From my perspective, the role of a Lead to Succeed Project Manager is to guide the Saint Joan High School students to successfully complete their Water Website Project.  I am here to help the project move more smoothly and let each student know that their participation matters.  I am needed to answer any questions they may have about the project, which could be something as simple as “Where can I find credible websites to help my research?”  I feel like I am also a sort of role model to some of these students.  I remember when I was in High School, or even Middle School, and I thought the older kids were always so cool. As far as what skills I bring to the position, I feel like I can lead them in a good direction to complete this project.  I want to celebrate their victories with candy, or maybe a short game.  I’m a pretty organized individual, which also will help my group complete this in a timely fashion.  I have the responsibility of handling a job and being a student, so I know I can handle this too.  I’m excited to get to know my group more!" - Megan, Youth Water Website: St. Joan Antida

"I think a project manager is many things! Most importantly, I think a project manager is someone who leads, without letting the students know that they're leading. Letting the kids know that what their doing is important and that their input is needed is very crucial. Project managers are needed to keep the kids on task and make sure they continue working on what they should be. I am very organized and have been a teacher at my job for a while, so i'm hoping the skills i've learned working there will come in handy during this project!" - Brittany, Youth Water Website: Milwaukee 4H

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